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Writing a Book

At some point in my life, I’m actually going to write a book. I’ve said that for a while and it’s always felt nice and easy to say, but I mean it, I really want to. I love reading books. Basically any time I finish a book, particularly if it was a good one, I […]

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26 Years

Monday was the 26th anniversary of my birth. It was also my 26th lap around the sun and my 9498th day alive. To much of the world it was just another dreaded Monday. To the universe it was a brief moment in time, experienced and then forgotten. Birthdays are a natural time to review the […]

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Thoughts on Marriage

One of the things about getting a divorce is that I’ve spent a lot of time reassessing the motivations for why I got married and my current beliefs about marriage. As evidenced by the arguably short amount of time I was married there were several problems with my marriage. But perhaps it’s final trajectory could […]

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How and why I’m going to earn passive income by year’s end

Are you familiar with Steve Pavlina’s blog? No? Well you should be. He’s a bona fide personal development guru and he’s been a huge source of inspiration and motivation for me. I recently finished reading his book “Personal Development for Smart People” and found myself nodding along with everything written. His blog is a veritable […]

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Getting started is scary as hell, but it needs to happen.

I was called out on my behavior recently by two different people. I’m stalling. I’m waiting. I’ve been wasting my time. Talk about a punch to the gut. Over the past few months, I’ve taken the time to invest in myself. I’ve been writing nearly every day, Invested in the Trailblazer course, read well over […]

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Do I Have to Write, or Do I Just Want to Write?

This question was posed to me in epistolary form by Christopher Hitchens. In his Letters to a Young Contrarian, he mentions this philosophy in passing, as an afterthought. But it stuck with me through the rest of the book and I had to write it down immediately in my notebook. This isn’t some tautology. There […]

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Turning Pro

I haven’t written because I don’t want to write shit. I wrote that a few days ago in my moleskine as a rationalization about why I haven’t been keeping my 1000 words/day goal. There’s some truth behind the statement, but it’s not the whole story. The truth is that I’m a bit lost with this […]

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My Path is Unknown, but I Know What It Isn’t. And Other Random Updates

My stomach was in knots the more I listened to her speak. The path she praised is not the one for me, and I knew it in my gut. We had an alumnus of my PhD program come to school and talk about her experience in industry. She offered to have a roundtable discussion with […]

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Every muscle tense to fence the enemy within

I’m not giving in to security under pressure. I’m not missing out on the promise of adventure. I’m not giving up on implausible dreams. Experience to extremes. Those are lyrics from an excellent Rush song titled The Enemy Within. This song has resonated with me very strongly over the past few weeks because of the […]

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The past is the past and you can’t change the past.

I recently reconnected with an old friend of mine; a blast from the past if you will. We had dated over 5 years ago and had barely spoken to each other since. She contacted me randomly offering words of support and from there we started talking more and we came to the same conclusion about […]

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