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Getting started is scary as hell, but it needs to happen.

I was called out on my behavior recently by two different people. I’m stalling. I’m waiting. I’ve been wasting my time. Talk about a punch to the gut. Over the past few months, I’ve taken the time to invest in myself. I’ve been writing nearly every day, Invested in the Trailblazer course, read well over […]

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The Contentment of Mediocrity

Somewhere along the way from birth until adulthood, we were conditioned to think that life is for some other purpose than living. We are told we have certain obligations that we are expected to meet. We are convinced that life is not useful if we don’t have a career. The expensive gadget, the biggest TV, […]

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Guilt and How I’ve Handled It

Guilt is an emotion that I’ve become familiar with lately. Particularly the guilt that comes with wanting or desiring something that I feel like I’m not supposed to want or have. Guilt comes in many forms. Perhaps you feel guilty because you cheated on some work. Maybe you feel guilty because you ate that cookie […]

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