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Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation

To continue my series relating to my vocational assessment, I’m going to discuss the fourth test I took: The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B. Not sure why it’s B. Perhaps FIRO-A wasn’t good enough?) FIRO-B measures three areas related to personal needs and interpersonal functioning: Inclusion, Control, and Affection. Essentially, these scores help explain how […]

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Defining Success

A 6 figure home. A luxury sedan. 2.5 kids. 0.8 acres in the burbs with neighbors you only sort-of like. A large TV with hundreds of movies. Garage and closets jammed with stuff. Thousands in debt. Crammed schedules. Lack of sleep. Is this what success is? Ask any of the over 300 million Americans and […]

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Do I Have to Write, or Do I Just Want to Write?

This question was posed to me in epistolary form by Christopher Hitchens. In his Letters to a Young Contrarian, he mentions this philosophy in passing, as an afterthought. But it stuck with me through the rest of the book and I had to write it down immediately in my notebook. This isn’t some tautology. There […]

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