This post sucks, but it’s all good.

At some point along a journey, a destination must be defined. You may start out not knowing where you’re going, but that won’t last forever. The destination may change along the way, but instead of going away from your origin, you start heading towards the goal instead. I’ll be the first to admit, that this […]

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Decisions on Stuff

Somewhere in the trails of my past are evidence for countless decisions. Every time I did something, it left a mark on me either, phsyically, mentally, emotionally, or monetarily. These decisions culminate in the day to day of who I am as a person. A choice I make every day is to not fill my […]

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Where are you in the bell curve?

People have three options for how they feel about their work: either they love it, they hate it, or they tolerate. I would expect that if you plotte this out, it would be a bell curve (or normally distributed curve for you nerdy types). Most of the people are going to be in the middle […]

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Fear of the Unknown

For those of you who haven’t read Julien Smith’s The Flinch, I would ask that you stop reading this and go read his book now. I’m serious. It’s completely free and totally awesome. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Read it? Awesome! Now why did I have you do that? Because we need to be on the […]

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The Contentment of Mediocrity

Somewhere along the way from birth until adulthood, we were conditioned to think that life is for some other purpose than living. We are told we have certain obligations that we are expected to meet. We are convinced that life is not useful if we don’t have a career. The expensive gadget, the biggest TV, […]

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We’re All Unique, Some of Us Just Forgot

For those of you who are not aware, I’m what you might call a legitimate scientist. My daily work involves studying cancer metabolism but my training is in chemical engineering. I say this not to toot my own horn, but rather to give you some perspective on my mentality. My mindset comes from a very […]

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Just as Good as Them

A common symptom among the newly motivated is the thought that success should be immediately theirs. After spending a few weeks working, they become frustrated at the realization that they don’t have the success they want. The motivation starts to fade and they’re faced with the drudgery of actually doing the hard work. A sentiment […]

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Think About the Future

I sat in the waiting room chair contemplating life. My white blood cell counts were low and the doctors didn’t know why. Being honest, I was a little nervous, but outwardly I projected confidence and a nonplussed attitude. (Depending on your definition of nonplussed that statement could have two completely opposite meanings.) Either way, I […]

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Don’t Hide From Yourself

I spent a lot of time recently trying to emulate other people. I looked at all the great things that other people were doing (Chris Guillebeau, Colin Wright, Joshua Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus, Leo Babauta, Ev Bogue and on and on) and I was trying to emulate their success. I wondered if I should travel the […]

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Obligated to Work

In my previous post I discussed the emotion guilt and how it can stem fromwanting something that you think you’re not supposed to. I wanted to continue with this thread but with a slightly different approach. Imagine there’s woman who was born to a family of doctors. Her dad is an oncologist while here mom […]

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