The Caprice of Life

I watched a dog die recently. It was in the back of Lindsay’s jeep, lying on it’s right side, head towards the front of the vehicle. I had put it there after finding it on the street crying in pain. She was all black, head to toe. Her pelvis and femur were crushed, I was […]

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The Intentionally Accidental Life

This is the text of the speech I recently gave at my Toastmasters meeting, which is why I say that you’re listening to something you’re clearly reading on a screen. “We judge others by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” A year ago I was going to become a blogger who traveled the […]

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Stuff on My Desk

I have a fair amount of stuff on my desk. Far more than my coworkers at least. For someone who at one point claimed to be a minimalist, it would seem I’ve denounced my former beliefs and become drunk on consumerism. Currently, I have a Burnie Burns bobblehead, a poster from Rooster Teeth, a small print […]

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Demanding your Attention

Recently, I was made painfully aware of the need to be conscious about who is demanding your attention. In the span of 16 hours of wakefulness, I had a slew of emails, 3 phone calls, a solicitor on my porch, numerous coworker requests, and random texts from friends. None of these events are remarkable on […]

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Fitness as Fashion

I had a flash of clarity the other day about fashion. The first bit of truth was that I suck at it. Sure, I can throw on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt and look decent. My nice suit looks pretty good on me too. But, in general, I suck at fashion and […]

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Thoughts in the Wild

My mind wanders from thought to thought. Mental parkour that balances on one idea long enough to get to the next without lingering long enough to establish a true connection. What is it my brain needs? It’s the age-old ponderance of everyone who has thought for long at all. What is immediately clear is I […]

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On Personality

The climbing gym I go to recently opened a new location. It’s larger in ever sense: bigger routes, more equipment, more showers and more space overall. Everything is nice and shiny and new. Yet, I can’t help but feel like it’s missing something and I finally figured out what that is: personality. What constitutes a […]

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How to Survive When You’re Getting a Divorce

Here is a link to the audio version of this post. — Getting divorced is something that no metaphor can succinctly describe. The amount of loss inherent to the act is astounding and hearing about it pales in comparison to the actual experience. One of the first things I had to learn once I moved […]

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Viva Colombia!

For about a month now I’ve thought about how I want to write about Colombia. Originally I tried to do it in the form of momentos, similar to what I did for Bonnaroo. Then I tried to parse out particular stories that might be worth sharing in a longer format. Failing those ideas I simply […]

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How to Save a Life

The other night I was up way too late wading through the miasma that is the internet. In some random subreddit on, I found an old post about a guy who has muscular dystrophy. In the video, he had just fallen from his chair and was stuck on the ground. Then he peed himself. […]

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