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The Beginning of The End

In August of last year some of my closest friends held a party. “The Beginning of the End” it was called and it was the perfect description for a momentous occasion. It was the start of the last year for both the two hosts as roommates and for many of us currently in graduate school. […]

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Learning to Trust Yourself

For the first time in a long while I’m beginning to trust myself. It’s been about six months that I’ve struggled with trusting myself in thoughts and actions. But now the evidence is accumulating and I’m making progress. When I say trust myself, I mean actually believing that I’m going to do the things I […]

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Neurosis, Books, and What If?

I’m was looking at my catalog of posts on this blog: since January 2012 I’ve posted 59 times (60 if you count this one). In 2013, however, I’ve only posted 5 times (now 6). Why is that? What about this year has made me less public with my writing? In trying to dissect this behavior […]

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Little Wins

One of the many things I’ve learned over the years about happiness is that summarily acknowledging at the end of the day what you’re grateful for can have a net positive effect on your happiness. A simple gratitude journal can do wonders to help put a seemingly negative day in it’s true light. I’ve enjoyed […]

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You Have Permission to Fail

You have permission to fail. You have permission to not be good. You have permission to try. For anyone starting a new venture this should be a mantra. It’s okay to suck. If you’re sucking at something that means you’re doing it. And sucking at something is better than not doing it at all. As […]

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Forward. Not Sideways.

Sometimes we do things because it makes us feel like we’re being productive. Perhaps you do something on a regular basis that is related to what you want to do but, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, isn’t getting you to where you want to be. Imagine a woman who wanted to be a […]

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Books I Read in 2012

2012 contained many words for me. Words I read and words I wrote. Many of my words were shared on this blog and on my 642 Things blog (as well as several guest posts here, here, and here). I wanted to take the time to share with my readers the books I read in 2012. […]

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Becoming a Polyglot

Avant mes 30 ans je vais apprendre le français, l’espagnol, et l’espéranto. Antes de que mi 30 cumpleaños que voy a aprender francés, español y esperanto. Antaŭ mia 30a naskiĝtago mi lernos la franca, hispana, kaj Esperanto. Before my 30th birthday I will learn French, Spanish, and Esperanto. Some of you may know of my […]

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Driving Up the Hill

A good friend of mine recently brought to my attention how hard I can be on myself. “It seems like you’re suffering from Catholic guilt, Taylor” she said to me. When I pushed her further to explain what she meant by Catholic guilt, basically she meant that Catholics (of which we were both former members) […]

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Fighting the Entropic Principle

The more I delve into the world of personal development and growth, the more I see the same message repeated in varied ways. Each person has their own spin on the topic, but generally every suggestion, action, or belief can be whittled down to a shared fundament and it’s usually something we already know but […]

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