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26 Years

Monday was the 26th anniversary of my birth. It was also my 26th lap around the sun and my 9498th day alive. To much of the world it was just another dreaded Monday. To the universe it was a brief moment in time, experienced and then forgotten. Birthdays are a natural time to review the […]

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Forward. Not Sideways.

Sometimes we do things because it makes us feel like we’re being productive. Perhaps you do something on a regular basis that is related to what you want to do but, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, isn’t getting you to where you want to be. Imagine a woman who wanted to be a […]

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Thoughts on Marriage

One of the things about getting a divorce is that I’ve spent a lot of time reassessing the motivations for why I got married and my current beliefs about marriage. As evidenced by the arguably short amount of time I was married there were several problems with my marriage. But perhaps it’s final trajectory could […]

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Bills and Pain: The Same Thing Twice

I’m sitting at my desk writing this with my left wrist wrapped in a bandage. Periodic jolts of pain pierce the area between my palm and forearm causing me to make micro-adjustments to my positioning to avoid future strikes. But they come again no matter what. It’s fitting I should be experiencing this right now. […]

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Driving Up the Hill

A good friend of mine recently brought to my attention how hard I can be on myself. “It seems like you’re suffering from Catholic guilt, Taylor” she said to me. When I pushed her further to explain what she meant by Catholic guilt, basically she meant that Catholics (of which we were both former members) […]

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Good Without God

I recently finished reading Good Without God by Greg Epstein. About halfway through I came across a section that resonated deeply with me and I wanted to share it. These words come from Sherwin Wine, a friend of the author. He is speaking on what it means to cultivate dignity. The first [principle] is high […]

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Into the Wild

I’m sitting on top of a mountain. Well, sort of. I’m not sitting on the ground outside. I’m actually in a cushioned seat. To my right is a window. On the other side of that window is a somber scene: nature, dulled by heavy rains, patiently waiting for the sun to spring it life. The […]

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Defining Success

A 6 figure home. A luxury sedan. 2.5 kids. 0.8 acres in the burbs with neighbors you only sort-of like. A large TV with hundreds of movies. Garage and closets jammed with stuff. Thousands in debt. Crammed schedules. Lack of sleep. Is this what success is? Ask any of the over 300 million Americans and […]

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Love in the Land of Romance

I love that they use metric units. Meters and degrees centigrade makes more sense than miles and degrees fahrenheit. I love that they use day/month/year as opposed to the illogical month/day/year. I love that breakfast always had french bread and a croissant. I love that everything is smaller and more compact. It’s efficient and not […]

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Why I’m Not Launching Better Grad Student Today

Several weeks ago I had made a declaration that I was going to relaunch Better Grad Student on June 1st. If you were go to the domain you would find that there is nothing there. I’m having to push back the launch and I wanted to be clear about why. When I originally made […]

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