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The Caprice of Life

I watched a dog die recently. It was in the back of Lindsay’s jeep, lying on it’s right side, head towards the front of the vehicle. I had put it there after finding it on the street crying in pain. She was all black, head to toe. Her pelvis and femur were crushed, I was […]

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When life gets rough, make good art.

Rather than try to explain why I haven’t made a post lately and give lame excuses as to my absence, I’ll just sum it up by saying shit happens and focus was lost. But I’m back in action, ready to slam some words into a cogent structure. I’ve been watching several motivational videos over the […]

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One thing ends, another doesn’t, and something else begins.

I had a different sort of post in mind for today but life has a way of shoving monkey wrenches into the gears of the best laid plans. My effort at living in complete congruence with my physical and digital selves is going to be put on hold for another week. Evidently there was a […]

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Two packs of Oreos and a heaping pile of guilt

Two. That’s how many packs of Oreos I ate, by myself, in the past week. I’m not proud of it. In fact, I actually regret it. I went and bought those Oreos because I was feeling depressed and I thought that food would cheer me up. Intellectually, I knew it wouldn’t. I knew exactly how […]

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Reflected glory and why it’s keeping you from epicness

Professional sports brands have followings that any major corporation would kill to have. The fanaticism of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey fans is truly astounding. Each year, people spend millions of dollars on merchandise, tickets, food, and transportation all in support of competitive events between two businesses. Make no mistake, every sports franchise you see […]

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Fear of the Unknown

For those of you who haven’t read Julien Smith’s The Flinch, I would ask that you stop reading this and go read his book now. I’m serious. It’s completely free and totally awesome. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Read it? Awesome! Now why did I have you do that? Because we need to be on the […]

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Obligated to Work

In my previous post I discussed the emotion guilt and how it can stem fromwanting something that you think you’re not supposed to. I wanted to continue with this thread but with a slightly different approach. Imagine there’s woman who was born to a family of doctors. Her dad is an oncologist while here mom […]

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Guilt and How I’ve Handled It

Guilt is an emotion that I’ve become familiar with lately. Particularly the guilt that comes with wanting or desiring something that I feel like I’m not supposed to want or have. Guilt comes in many forms. Perhaps you feel guilty because you cheated on some work. Maybe you feel guilty because you ate that cookie […]

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Reign in the Cavalry

I recently received a very mean text message from a blocked number. This person told me their exact thoughts on my actions during my divorce. It was a very short message, but it was hurtful and rude. This immediately got my blood pumping and I became quite angry. How dare they, I thought. Who is […]

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