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The Intentionally Accidental Life

This is the text of the speech I recently gave at my Toastmasters meeting, which is why I say that you’re listening to something you’re clearly reading on a screen. “We judge others by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” A year ago I was going to become a blogger who traveled the […]

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Stuff on My Desk

I have a fair amount of stuff on my desk. Far more than my coworkers at least. For someone who at one point claimed to be a minimalist, it would seem I’ve denounced my former beliefs and become drunk on consumerism. Currently, I have a Burnie Burns bobblehead, a poster from Rooster Teeth, a small print […]

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Neurosis, Books, and What If?

I’m was looking at my catalog of posts on this blog: since January 2012 I’ve posted 59 times (60 if you count this one). In 2013, however, I’ve only posted 5 times (now 6). Why is that? What about this year has made me less public with my writing? In trying to dissect this behavior […]

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You Have Permission to Fail

You have permission to fail. You have permission to not be good. You have permission to try. For anyone starting a new venture this should be a mantra. It’s okay to suck. If you’re sucking at something that means you’re doing it. And sucking at something is better than not doing it at all. As […]

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Grit and Commitment

This past week has been a change of pace for me. It’s been a good change and one that’s helped me to realize a few things. For the whole month of December I haven’t written my daily stories. (For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about I’ve been following a book […]

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Thoughts on Marriage

One of the things about getting a divorce is that I’ve spent a lot of time reassessing the motivations for why I got married and my current beliefs about marriage. As evidenced by the arguably short amount of time I was married there were several problems with my marriage. But perhaps it’s final trajectory could […]

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Bills and Pain: The Same Thing Twice

I’m sitting at my desk writing this with my left wrist wrapped in a bandage. Periodic jolts of pain pierce the area between my palm and forearm causing me to make micro-adjustments to my positioning to avoid future strikes. But they come again no matter what. It’s fitting I should be experiencing this right now. […]

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Fighting the Entropic Principle

The more I delve into the world of personal development and growth, the more I see the same message repeated in varied ways. Each person has their own spin on the topic, but generally every suggestion, action, or belief can be whittled down to a shared fundament and it’s usually something we already know but […]

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Good Without God

I recently finished reading Good Without God by Greg Epstein. About halfway through I came across a section that resonated deeply with me and I wanted to share it. These words come from Sherwin Wine, a friend of the author. He is speaking on what it means to cultivate dignity. The first [principle] is high […]

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Love in the Land of Romance

I love that they use metric units. Meters and degrees centigrade makes more sense than miles and degrees fahrenheit. I love that they use day/month/year as opposed to the illogical month/day/year. I love that breakfast always had french bread and a croissant. I love that everything is smaller and more compact. It’s efficient and not […]

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